Ahmed Nabil Saeed


Ahmed Nabil Saeed has been responsible for leading the acquisition of Calvalley in 2016 and the transformation of Calvalley into the thriving business it is today. He led the initiative to turn-around the company and the production in Block 9,  engaging with a complex set of international and domestic stakeholders to successfully see production resumed in under three years. Ahmed was also responsible for restructuring Calvalley’s management, bringing in fresh expertise and experience, developing strategic partnerships and securing funding. As an experienced leader who puts people and potential first; his goal is to build an organisation that understands, embraces and supports society with the challenges it faces, and adds value to society in a way that tackles these challenges in the long term.  His educational background includes a Masters degree in International Business from Hult Business School, a Bachelors degree in Business (Finance) from Concordia University.