Alex Maleas

General Manager


Alex Maleas heads Calvalley’s management team. He brings
more than a decade of successful management at the level of General Manager in oil and gas exploration and production, with
proven ability to build, inspire and motivate a strong and reliable
team of professionals and to maintain low cost operations.
His experience includes 39 years of energy sector experience,
including 10 in refinery planning and 29 in oil and gas
exploration and production, having served as a senior manager
and technical expert as well as in key positions in planning
and economics. His expertise includes reservoir engineering
and petrophysics, oil and gas reserves evaluation and, in due
diligence, leading teams of experts for the purpose of asset
Alex gained more than half his technical experience with
industry giants Shell and Saudi Aramco, and has worked in Libya,
Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well as handling assets in Yemen and
the USA from head office technical positions.
His educational background includes a BSc in Engineering
(National Technical University of Athens, Greece) and MSc in
Energy Economics (McGill University, Montreal, Canada).