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We are proud of our people and their many decades of combined expertise in reservoir engineering, geology, geophysics, facilities and project operations

Careers at Calvalley

A company-wide attitude of consistent high standards and respect for good process is one of our most valuable assets. We seek out excellence, train rigorously, reward on the basis of merit, and listen to our employees. Calvalley’s corporate functions – administration, finance, Human Resources and IT – are a highly qualified and close-knit team.

Calvalley has safeguarded the invaluable expertise the company built up in its workforce over the years by continuing to pay local field operators and maintenance crews during the period of paused production between 2015 and 2019.

Field maintenance staff include the Calvalley electricians and mechanics who keep the operating infrastructure functioning safely, smoothly and efficiently every day.

Our local field operators know their often-challenging work environments very well. We listen to their suggestions and comments, and by incorporating their knowledge we optimise not only our effectiveness and efficiency as an oil company but also our valued role as a respected local partner in the community.


Currently there are 125 people working for Calvalley, with a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities.

For our field operations, we prioritise hires from the local area. We employ people from across the local spectrum, without differentiation on the basis of different factions in the communities in which we operate, or any other basis or form of bias.

Calvalley embraces a rule of non-discrimination in the workplace. This, along with other principles of ethical conduct, is enshrined in our Ethics and Integrity policy. Everybody working at Calvalley, at every level of the organization, is required regularly to review this policy and is personally accountable for learning, endorsing, promoting and applying it to their own conduct and field of work.

Career advancement at Calvalley

As well as job security and training, we empower our employees to challenge the status quo and propose better methods. Communication is open between head office and the field. This strengthens employee participation and project ownership as well as enriching team knowledge and enhancing opportunities for career advancement. Intelligent performance is rewarded in Calvalley’s merit-based work community. In Calvalley’s Block 9 operations in Yemen, we have invested heavily in training local employees and retaining their expertise, including offering pay for non-operative (conflict) years. As of 2019, all employees in Yemen are Yemeni with long experience in the field, including local management running operations.

We are also committed to training Yemeni engineers, geoscientists and other specialised disciplines on a rotation programme.

Open opportunities

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