Introduction to Calvalley​

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Calvalley Petroleum (Cyprus) Ltd. is an international oil and gas company operating in the North Africa and Middle East region.

Calvalley has a consolidated working interest of 39.52 MM barrels of proven reserves (McDaniel & Associates, 2014), driven primarily by our largest current area of operation, Block 9 in the Republic of Yemen


To set a long-term standard of excellence for low-cost, highly productive oil and gas operations in North Africa and the Middle East, driven by highly experienced people and strong understanding and relationships within the areas in which we operate.


We are focusing on two strategic goals:

1. Maximise the potential of our primary area of operation, Block 9 in the Republic of Yemen

2. Obtain new high-potential prospects in North Africa and the Middle East through acquisitions and farm-ins.

Long-term financial commitment

Calvalley is financed by a strong and experienced group of investors, who have made investment commitments to expand and optimise Calvalley’s long-term operations. Calvalley draws on a strong bank of experience in oil and gas, underpinned by financial stability from successful businesses across many sectors in the Middle East and beyond.

Low historical cost structure providing strong netbacks and earnings

Highly promising development potential

Varied portfolio of prospects and leads

balance sheet
Forward-looking management
Excellent local knowledge and community
A growing, diversified portfolio across the
MENA region
Currently and

Experienced team

Calvalley has a history of over two decades of exploration, development and commercialisation of oil and gas properties. Our team, primarily based in Calgary, Cairo and the Republic of Yemen, has extensive industry experience combined with proven technical excellence. We maintain low cost, highly efficient operations, supported by deep knowledge and understanding of the often challenging areas we operate within.

Strong local relations

Our ‘local first’ approach is optimal for both effective operations and ensuring we work sustainably within our regions and communities, for mutual long-term benefit. We are committed to adding value to our local communities and protecting the natural environments in which we operate.