Sustainability & the environment


Local First

Adding value to our communities

Calvalley operates a ‘Local First’ strategy in training and hiring for technical operations and related services. We work actively with the communities in which we operate to create a local economic multiplier effect not only through direct hires but also, importantly, by creating indirect employment opportunities.

We see our community responsibility in terms of a strategic intervention for truly long-term mutual benefit, and so we strive for economic empowerment and sustainable networks.

Thanks to our strong financial position, Calvalley has been able to implement a considerable community program. In line with further investment in existing and potential operations, we expect to extend and expand this in the immediate future.

Owing to its ‘Local First’ policy and initiatives, Calvalley has played an important role in its fields of operation during the past few years, with contributions to the local community including:

Making basic resources available as a first priority (eg. fresh water supply in hardship areas),

Primary and secondary education preparing learners for further vocational training

In-field and in-office training in geophysics, geology, and technical and support services for the oil and gas industry

‘Above and beyond’ commitment to job stability and security for Calvalley employees

We honour all agreements with the community of our workers and seek where possible to go above and beyond:

Calvalley paid our workforce in the Republic of Yemen 30% of full salary during four years of ceased operations owing to force majeure although in no way obliged to do so

Calvalley’s new management also exhibited goodwill beyond the call of duty in rehiring the vast majority of workers from our Yemen operation on terms maintaining all their previous rights while providing an increase in salary

We have further committed to rehire the remainder of local workforce as and when our activities in Yemen increase

Supporting community initiatives

Calvalley brings a real message of hands-on competence, commitment and better futures to the learners and workforces in our communities because by doing so we invest directly in the future of local people who are going to be providing us services and sustaining our own success in future.

In addition, Calvalley has supported many local projects in Yemen such as:

  • Building the Elementary school in Essaim
  • Drilling water wells and building hygienic storage tanks for drinking and domestic-use water in the village of Shooroge Al Bader
  • Building hygienic water-storage tanks and running galvanized pipes to supply drinking and domestic-use water in the village of Raqa
  • Supporting the hospital in the town of Horaidha by subsidizing doctors’ wages

Ethics and Integrity

The highest standards of integrity and ethics are essential to the company’s continuing success. Calvalley expects each of its employees and contractors to be aware of and refer to our Ethics and Integrity Policy in all of their activities worldwide.

Within our Ethics & Integrity Policy, specific policies and guidelines have been established to cover the following:

  • 1. Bribery, corruption and gifts
  • 2. Conflicts of interest
  • 3. Workplace conduct
  • 4. Suppliers, consultants and contractors
  • 5. Intellectual Property
  • 6. Confidential information

Health & Safety and the environment

In conjunction with its listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2002, Calvalley Petroleum Inc. developed Health & Safety and Environmental policies along with other governance mandates to ensure appropriately high levels of performance. As a private company since 2015, we are proud at Calvalley to continue to govern ourselves by these high standards.

Calvalley’s experienced HSE manager and staff hold regular drills, meetings and training for all employees to ensure their workplace safety and continuing health in accordance with company policy.

Calvalley maintains safe and sustainable environmental practices as a vital element in the viability of today’s oil and gas industry:

  • Calvalley has maintained a record of zero spills on any of our sites
  • All water and gas produced are injected back into the reservoir in a closed system, in order to support the pressure.
  • No waste water is left exposed on the ground
  • Two lined ponds are used during drilling and workover operations to prevent soil contamination
  • A pressurized firefighting water network is in place, covering all facilities and operating automatically through sensors (hydrant/foam)