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Facilities and technology in Block 9

Our facilities in Block 9 are modern, clean and safe. Many areas have been freshly refurbished for the production re-start in 2019. All pre-existing field facilities (eg. wells and tanks) have been reconditioned and refurbished.

Central Processing Facility

The facility at Block 9 comprises a gathering system that collects the produced well fluids from individual wells, and then transports them through a flow line to one of three satellite manifold systems

At the manifold system, the crude from the individual wells is then transported through the single trunk line, of greater diameter than the flow lines, to the inlet of the main manifold of the Central Processing Facility.

The produced well fluids are then separated at the three phase production separator into crude oil, produced water and associated gas

The crude oil is washed with source water and treated through the Heater Treater, to further separate the emulsion from the crude and to ensure the salt content is reduced to a minimum.

The crude is then delivered to the crude oil storage tank farm, comprising six 10,000 BBL capacity tanks. Shipment of crude oil from the Central Processing Facility is carried out by trucking where the crude is loaded on to the tankers from the sales crude oil tanks via the sales oil line, using the truck loading pumps.

Water injection system

Two filtration/pumping water injection skids are located downstream of the produced water tanks.

At the water injection facility, the associated water from the produced-water tanks and source water wells is treated through a two-stage filtration system and pressurized to a certain pressure, before re-injecting back into the water injectors for pressure maintenance of the reservoir.

Trucking in and blending

Two truck loading docks, equipped with loading pumps, are in place. They have remote control devices installed to ensure safety procedures are correctly applied without accidents.

Produced well fluids from the Ras Nowmah and Al Roidhat fields are delivered to two 5,000 BBL capacity truck-in tanks via the truck off-loading pumps. (Ras Nowmah and Al Roidhat fields crude has a different gravity compared to Hiswah field crude.)

The crude is then processed through the dedicated Heater Treater and is delivered to a storage tank at the tank farm.

The crude from Hiswah field categorized as ‘light crude blend stream’ is then blended with the processed crude coming from the other fields, which is categorized as ‘heavy crude blend stream’.

Through the respective blending pump system, the two crude streams are mixed through a static mixer. The blended crudes’ density and water content is then measured, and, if meeting the export specification requirements, it is delivered to the sales oil tanks. If not, the crude is recycled back to the off-spec crude oil storage tank for reprocessing.


We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to optimise our current operations, future development plans and evaluation of assets. All surface processes are monitored in the Control Room using automated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems which offer industry-standard reliability and flexibility at low costs.

Advanced industry software enables us swiftly and accurately to monitor inventory and movements in and out of the warehouse and to manage material and procurement pathways efficiently.