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History of Calvalley

Our history represents the journey we have been on: the experience, the milestones, the value and most importantly the people that make up Calvalley as it is today


Calvalley Petroleum Inc. enters into the Block 9 (Malik Block) Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) with the government of the Republic of Yemen


Calvalley Petroleum Inc. establishes a wholly owned subsidiary, Calvalley Petroleum Cyprus Ltd., (defined in this brochure as “Calvalley”) to be the Operator of Block 9, to which the 50% share of the PSA is assigned.



Hoodoil Limited and Reliance Industries Ltd. each acquire a 25% interest in the PSA. Calvalley Petroleum Inc., the parent company, is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.


Declaration of commerciality is issued.


Medco Energi purchases 25% interest in Block 9 from Reliance Industries Ltd.


Hostilities in Yemen escalate and force majeure is declared. Calvalley Petroleum Inc. delists with high levels of working capital, maintaining ownership of Calvalley Petroleum Cyprus Ltd.


A Strong and Experienced group of investors, acquires Calvalley Petroleum Cyprus Ltd., which remains operator of Block 9. Through this acquistion, the business gains fresh expertise and investment for an exciting phase of expansion and development towards reaching its full potential. New members are brought in to the Board of Directors and executive management. Additional investments are made in Block 9 in order to resume production.


Production is successfully resumed in Block 9.